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Creating digital ads and integrate them into Facebook and Google
digital ad system mockup

Convertly’s AdTech enabled easy creation of static banners for Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads, with seamless integration and export options for third-party platforms.


In digital advertising, Facebook and Google offer separate systems for creating and managing ad campaigns. This can be challenging, especially for small businesses, due to the platforms’ complexity and steep learning curve.


Provide small to medium enterprises with a user-friendly platform to create and distribute digital ads on Google and Facebook. Includes analytics for assessing campaign success and making adjustments.

My Roles
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • User Flows & Stories
  • UI/UX Design
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Content

6 months

50% Improvement

Ad campaign launch times decrease by 50% based off of consolidation of tools



User/Market Research
  • Worked with sales on Google & Facebook ads, tackling issues, aligning goals for product & businesses, and reps.
  • Crafting Google/Facebook campaigns, observing creation by sales reps & clients firsthand.
  • Created detailed docs w/ annotated screenshots via Microsoft Edge’s web capture. Formed unique User Flows for portals incl. banner creation, Google campaign setup, & Facebook/Instagram campaign initiation.

Discuss & Define

I shared insights from the discovery phase, gathered input, and collaboratively defined the project’s direction in the discussion and definition stage.

  • Tools used by business owners and internal team
  • Need a way to create digital assets
  • Takes too long to manage campaigns across multiple platforms

The goal is to create a tool like Canva for banner creation and consolidate 3 campaign tools into 1.



Once aligned with the team, I shifted into the design phase. Based on the findings and discussion in the 2 previous phases, here are my design goals: 

  • Banner Creation Tool
  • Consolidate 3 ad tools into 1
  • Dashboard to manage campaigns
  • Integrated Analytics of campaigns


Source Files & Prototypes

Mockups and Prototypes were created in Figma. These files were copied over from the work account. Files and projects would normally be organized differently.

Outcomes & Lessons

Ad campaign launch time cut by 50%, enabling sales reps to easily set up websites and digital ads in one place. This approach saves time and highlights the benefits of combining CMS with Advertising Platform.

Project realization was challenging for our team and me. Integrating third-party components required constant vigilance. Any tweaks could disrupt functionality, needing swift rectification. User feedback was crucial for product refinement.

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